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Loosing myself ... pt.1 (Single)
Loosing myself into your confusing reality pt.1
 (chill-out / tribal / trance / psychedelic / electronic)

This track is produced by Bearded Electronics aka Vanhecke Didier @ the Skitzophrenik Lifeform studio
This track is a free promo single and can be listened and downloaded for free here...
Labels ,event organisers ,vj's & other producers interested in this music and/or Bearded Electronics ,
feel free to email : bearded.electronics@gmail.com

This 20 minutes long track is a complete adventure to listen to...
from ambient like melodies through tribal sounds into slow trancy tunes...
This track has it all ! a pleasure for the ear, mind, body & soul...
And this is downloadable for free so grab your copy !

Download this single in FLAC format using this LINK
Download this single in WAV format using this
Download this single in MP3 format using this
Download this single in OGG format using this

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